A medicine of the well-being with global anti-ageing care

To feel good about yourself, correct the imperfections, clear signs of aging and continue to seduce, the doctors developed techniques, grouped in a multidisciplinary teaching of Morphological and anti-ageing Medicine, validated in France by an inter-university diploma, recognized by the National Council of the order of the Doctors.

Nature and harmony

It is interesting to associate the " Anti-ageing medicine " with the Aesthetic medicine  because  what we treat inside will be seen outside!

To have a beautiful skin and a healthy body is synonymic of dynamism and well-being today. Our skin reflects the image which we wish to give to the others. It is important to know how to maintain and to preserve this capital beauty / youth.

A consultation of Morphological and anti-ageing Medicine, it is at first a global analysis of the person taking into account the heredity, the personal and family histories, the lifestyle. 
It allows to explain the rules of prevention, essential from the youngest age. Each one is concerned: man or woman, young person or less young.

Thanks to the various techniques (the mitochondrial, nutritional and fonctional medicine, the fillers injections, the peelings, the mesotherapy, the laser...) we have at the moment therapeutic means which allow to age better.

Dr Rey will listen to you and offer you, according to your expectations and the conclusions of the clinical examination, advice of prevention and a program of the most adapted care. 


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